Multidisciplinary designer who aim at, makes and occasionally breaks details to rebuild.

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Graphic designer – Photographer – IT Expert
      Location icon Iran And Turkey

Brief introduction

  • My family and friends call me by my nickname “Yaser“.
  • I am Iranian And my mom language is persian.I  am also capable to speak English and Turkish.
  • I’m living in Tehran,Iran and recently got rented a place in Istanbul, Turkey
  • For the past 6 years I have been working as an enthusiastic and professional director of production of Photoyas studio. This studio was established in 2015 as a family business. In addition, I’m working as a professional graphic designer and supervisor of retouching and video edit section.
In the following, I will refer to my skills and other work experiences.

Skills and Experiences

  • Expert and mastery of graphic design. (Logo, office set, covers, brochure, advertising sheets, banners, laser cut projects and etc.)
  • Expert of web site design in word press.
  • Complete and professional mastery of edit and retouching photographs.
  • Capable of designing photo books.
  • Ingenious in video editing.
  • Expert of Indoor and outdoor photo shooting.
  • Great in Production of digital content.

Let me mention how I do that.

Software skills

I have Familiarity with most software in the field of digital design and editing.
  1. I do Website design and its development by Word Press.
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe camera raw
  4. Adobe illustrator
  5. CorelDraw
  6. Adobe premiere
  7. Adobe After effect
And a couple of other Useful Software’s which related to graphic and web.

IT skills

I have some experiences in IT Industry as well.
  1. Ability to build,setup and develop a website on word press platform.
  2. Control of local network and setup network devices.
  3. Installation and setup of WiMAX CPE (wireless radio network) devices.
  4. Administration and maintenance of pc devices.

Computer skills

I actually got experiened in computer market and I know how to:

  1. Choose and setup pc parts.
  2. Assembling pc parts.
  3. Diagnosing of hardware problems.
  4. Choose the better hardware and configurations of a pc match to customers requirement.
  5. Replacing hardware parts.
  6. Software troubleshooting.
  7. Installation of windows and all related software’s.
  8. Setup an equipment and install related driver software’s.

Consequently, I’m happy to say that I can get match with any new software in just 48 hours. Because I’m learning for more than 20 years and it’s not over yet.


Graphic Design

Laser Cut Projects - CorelDraw